Shot over 5 days with an outpouring of support from actors, friends and a wonderful crew, Cindy’s New Boyfriend was completed in 2014. Inspired by Sean Sellars’ script, Cindy’s New Boyfriend tells the story of an out-of-work actor, whose best friend ropes him into a scheme to scare off his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend by reprising his role as a tough-guy from a TV movie. The plan goes horribly wrong, when it turns out that the new boyfriend is a gangster, who is not easily intimidated. Cindy’s New Boyfriend premiered as part of the American Pavilion, Emerging Filmmaker Showcase, at the Cannes Film festival in 2015 and was also screened in the Cannes Short Film Corner. It continues its festival run through 2015 and will be distributed through Film Festival Flix. Please contact me for a private link to the complete short.

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